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Nurse Call System - What is Network II?

The Network II system is, as the name implies, an electronic network that involves data transmission and reception. In this particular configuration it has been designed to fulfil the requirements of a very high specification Nurse Call System.
How does it work?

Calls from patients or staff are identified by the HUB and translated into a full text signal that is then transmitted via the same two wires to the display units. The HUB can also relay the text messages into an optional alphanumeric radio pager to send messages to pocket pagers. The message, which each call point generates, can be changed by staff if required.

Patients' names can be added to their room numbers, for example. Staff can use the units to generate an "assistance" call; this is easily identified by staff as it has a different pulsed tone. They can also generate a "crash" call when extremely urgent help is required.

For more indepth information, please download the Nurse Call System word pdf or
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