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A fire risk assessment is required to be carried out under the Fire Precautions Workplaces) Regulations 1997, the duty is to;

assess the fire risk within the premises,
check that fire can be detected and people warned in a reasonable time,
check that persons in the building can leave safely,
provide fire fighting equipment, ensure that those employed in the building know what to do in the event of a fire.
This must be reviewed annually.
Cookson Security Services Ltd will visit your premises and carry out an indepth risk assessment of your property. A full report will be provided on the assessment.
Contact Ian @ Cookson Security on 01252 810894 to dicuss your individual requirements in more detail or email ian@cookson-security.co.uk
For a more indepth overview of Health and Safety in the workplace, visit www3.gov.ab.ca/hre/whs/


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